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Once you sign up, you’ll be prompted to input your targeting instructions.  This gives your account manager the ammunition necessary to manually engage and interact with similar accounts.

Once that happens, it’s crucial that you focus on creating top notch content geared toward connecting with your audience.

This is not a set in stone answer.  Each account is different and each audience is different.  There are tons of different variables that will make a LinkedIn account more successful than the next.

That being said, if you give us the appropriate targeting information and you focus on creating trending and engaging content then you should experience an exciting growth rate.

Yes, Lead Gen Service works for every industry.

The key is to provide your account manager with detailed targeting instructions so that they can research and find more accounts to engage with.

Why WOULDN’T you want more LinkedIn connections? If you’re trying to market your business or your brand online and you’re using LinkedIn then you’re obviously looking for more connections to network with.

If you want to make more money by getting leads on LinkedIn… You need more connections.

If you want to send more traffic to your website through LinkedIn… You need more connections.

If you want to grow your audience that stays with you for the life of your brand and business… You need more connections.

More is always better when it comes to any audience, online or off.

First off, we actually care.

Your success is what we thrive on.  

Secondly, you get a dedicated account manager that will be handling all the engagement from your account.

Third, our support team is here to help you anytime.

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To get started, we need you to complete the form, and fill out your targeting instructions.

Nope, but we do offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

If you’re not happy with our service then we’ll be more than glad to provide a no questions asked refund.

But, from experience, we can assure you that you will be 100% impressed with the growth your account manager can help you with.

We work with a lot of different agencies and we provide discounts for bulk accounts.  

Contact us to request a quote.

Alright, I just signed up...

First off, congrats!

Secondly — You’d have already been redirected to fill out your account creation form that gives US the info we need to start working on your account.

If for any reason you did not see this form, pleas contact us now so we can help you get in touch with your account manager.

Your account manager will start to manage your account within 24 hours of sign up.

This time is critical for you to focus less on the results and more on creating amazing content and posting consistent content.

By doing this, you’ll end up getting a lot better results.

Of course.  There’s no contracts on any of our plans.  Our commitment to letting our growth speak for itself is a must have value in our business.

Yes, all our plans are monthly recurring packages.

Lead Gen Service Reviews & Testimonials

More than 3,495 people rely on Lead Gen Service to take care of their LinkedIn Lead Gen.

Lead Gen Service is a great service if you want to find leads on LinkedIn. Really helped me out.
I just started using LinkedIn for my music production and I can say I'm impressed.
My sales leads dried up so I went on linkedIn. LGS was instrumental in helping me keep up output.
My agency was struggling until I used Lead Gen Service. Not sure what to expect, but it worked.
Agency Owner
Photography is always up and down. I was able to get a few new clients from LinkedIn with Lead Gen.
Very happy with the work the team is doing. It saves me about 2 hours each day that I use to grow my business.

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